Life’s huge transformation – becoming a mommy!


Mommy – This word was always associated to my mom; the person who provided me with anything and everything under the sun! If there was something I needed or something I felt, all I had to do was to tell her and my concerns would be taken care of most of the time! It had always been that way until recently when I became a Mom.

At first I didn’t realize what it meant as everything was happening all too quickly and there was no time or energy to sit back and think. The 9 months of pregnancy has its own set of issues and joys but the birth of a child and the happiness it brings along to the entire family is simply amazing! I still remember the day when I got to know about the good news. It was almost three and a half years of marriage and was kind of time to think of extending out little family. All though I was never prepared for it but I guess we are never really prepared to take up this big responsibility. Sooner or later most people do take this step. I had taken the test a few times before but this time it was different! I had this strange hope to see two blue lines get darker slowly. The women who have experienced this would understand what I am talking about.It was overwhelming! Suddenly I felt a strange tickle run up my spine. It took me a while for the thought to sink in. I wanted to run and inform all my loved ones about it. Suddenly my body felt more important than anything else in the world. I had to be careful from now on because the little one inside was most precious. I held my palm on my tummy to feel the little one inside. So valuable, so miraculous and simply amazing!

Soon I became conscious about anything and everything around me. The most basic things became important like what i ate, how I sat or moved about. I could see the happiness in my husband’s eyes when I told him. We felt even more like a family now. We visited the doctor the next day. The hospital was a specialty hospital for delivery and child care. The whole environment was so lovely with photos of babies and mothers to be. The smiling faces of little ones.

My doctor was a gentle and relaxed lady who kept telling me I was good to go. The 9 months went on very well. All thanks to my wonderful mother who took such good care of me. I must say pregnant women are difficult to handle at times with their share of mood swings and big appetite. It becomes difficult for the people around to calm them. But my husband knows best to calm me down and make me feel good. Pregnancy can be overwhelming but nothing compared to the birth of the child. The initial days are too challenging and test your patience to the limit. My suggestion for mothers to be is that take it for a fact that its going to be tough, its going to be challenging.  But that’s how it is! Bearing a human being into this world is not a joke. You have to understand that this is going to be tough and need to be prepared for it. The only solution is to accept the situation and keep calm!

Nursing is such a huge task especially lying flat and trying to feed a just born baby who is completely new to it.  Strangely you will be amazed to see that the little one knows what to do even though her eyes cant see much. She knows who her mother is. Its true when people say children can sense good people. She can sense who are the people who love and care for her. My baby had been attached to my husband even more than me just within 10 days! My husband used to make her sleep every night. One day when he wasn’t there, she just refused to sleep and kept weeping. We had to call him at 3 AM early morning to make her sleep. Amazingly just when she heard his voice she calmed down.That’s how amazingly sensitive the little ones are.

I read somewhere that having a child is a 20 year commitment. Its a responsibility both parents need to be ready to take. That does not mean you have to control your child or have a say over her choices. We have to very well understand as parents that our child is an amazing creation by herself. She is a free human being with her own set of talent, aspirations, shortcomings. We have to respect that. Our responsibility is to provide good nutrition, good knowledge and a healthy environment for her to flourish!

Some advice for soon to be parents: Don’t try to analyze what’s happening. Just go with the flow. Keep calm and things will get better. The little one needs you the most amongst all the people in the world. She wants to be loved and cared for. It is going to be tough but its only for the best!

For people who have already become parents: You are doing a great job. Just keep doing good as much as you can.

And for those who don’t have kids yet: Enjoy the life you are currently having because life’s going to change in a big way ones you get married and have kids!


Why watch ‘Gully Boy’

Gully boy
Doodle art on ‘Gully boy’ movie theme by Namrata Pandit


The upcoming romantic drama film ‘Gully Boy’ has created quite a stir amongst movie goers. It stars the very talented Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in lead roles with Kalki Koechlin and Shiddant Chaturvedi in prominent roles. The movie is directed by Zoya Akhtar who is coming with this one after 4 years, her last being ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. The movie has taken inspiration from the life of rappers like Naezy and Divine.

Gully boy
Ranveer Singh in Gully boy, excel entrainment and tiger baby

From the trailer it’s evident that the movie talks about a young ‘Murad’ played by Ranveer Singh, who is from the ghettos of Mumbai. He has a talent of rapping but is contained and restrained because of his unsupportive family. He is forced to become a driver like his father due to his life conditions. Like every poor struggling class, his father too wants him to study and become something to make their living conditions better. But clearly Murad has other plans. His only support system is his girlfriend Safeena who believes in him and his talent. Although she is caught up in her own madness and struggles of life.

Things that really attracted me to watch this movie:

1. Zoya’s take on the life of the youth from the streets and its emerging rap and hip hop culture which is totally authentic in Bambaiyya Hindi style and a swag to match it.

2. The music has been curated  bycollabarating with more than 50 rap artists of India with artists as young as 16. This music is fresh and new to the Hindi film industry and is already making the buss amongst youngsters.

3. Ranveer Singh’s potrayal of Murad and his struggle of becoming a rapper against all odds and trying to carve a niche for himself. Hopefully Zoya Akhtar has been able to tap in his energy and bring out the suttle acting which is needed for this character, unlike his over-acting in Simmba.

4. I am sure there will be something more to Alia Bhatt’s character Safeena, than just being Murad’s girlfriend which would be interesting to watch.

I am hoping to have some interesting bits to share after watching this movie which is all set to release on 14th February. My tickets are booked, are yours?


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Padmavati – first look is out and you can’t miss Deepika’s unibrow

DKNYyPIVAAAuB-0The first poster of the much awaited big budget mammoth film Padmavati is out. The movie staring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh (notice the order of the stars) is a high drama period film produced and directed by none other than Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This is the third film of Bhansali with Deepika and Ranveer in lead roles after Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani.


The poster has the queen Padmavati seen in exuberant clothing and jewellery as expected. You are sure to notice Deepika’s unibrow look.  She sure is looking unrecognisable,  expecially after her all so glamorous ‘fast and furious’  look but not sure if I like her look. The film already is expected to be a visual treat like all other Bhansali movies of late.  Will the script and story line also be as exuberant and appealing.  Well, will need to wait for the movie’s release on 1 December 2017.

Here is a list of things I loved about the posters:

1. It has the lead character ‘Padmavati’  in it.

2. Loved Deepika’s jewellery which are majestic and look royalty.

3. Also loved the lettering of ‘Padmavati’  with the lotus on top of the last alphabet.

Look out for this space for more updates.

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Tumhari Sulu – smiley Vidya Balan looks funny and endearing

Seeing Vidya Balan back on screen after a long time (after a lot of rumours that she is starting a family) is satisfying and hopeful as this year hasn’t been very well for the film industry. Its nice to see amazing female actors carrying movies on their shoulders and this is another such movie.


The teaser shows a saree clad middle class housewife, talking on the phone with her seductive voice. You can’t miss  the look on the faces of men around in the gym,  although it’s a little cleashey.

Vidya has this heavy sensual voice (also seen in manna bhai)  which is made full use of for this character.  Wait and watch what this comedy – drama movie has to offer its audience. It is scheduled to release on November 24.

Hope ‘Tumhari Sulu’  has got more to it than just a few funny scenes and a refreshing concept.

Watch the teaser here:


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– Namrata

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Simran – watchable,engaging but mostly enjoyable to a Kangana fan

Finally watched this Kangana Ranaut movie – first day, first show. This was the first time I woke up early and got ready to watch a movie at 10 AM all by myself. I must say, it wasn’t a disappointment.


Kangana does total justice to her character Praful Patel, who is a divorcee living with her Gujrati parents at Atlanta. The story is very honest and relatable, especially about a lot of middle class NRIs in the US who are really struggling to maintain a decent living. There is no sugar coating, unlike other Bollywood movies where all NRIs are super rich. Praful works hard as a hotel house keeping staff to buy her own house so that she can live by herself, away from her parents. But circumstances make her do things and she ends up in a real mess. Kangana has managed to emote very well in most of her scenes.

I liked how the director has given a light hearted and humorous treatment to a serious situation which makes the movie interesting and not boring. The movie is inspired by true story. Hansal Mehta’s direction is good as always but the weak point in the story and script. The climax is also different and funny.


Things that interested me in the movie:

1. Kangana’s amazing acting, especially her serious scenes. She manages to carry the movie on her shoulders just like queen.

2. Interesting scenes of Praful at Las Vegas.

3. Real potrayal of middle class NRI and relatable scenes. There is also no conclusion forced upon about the love interest of Praful which was a good thing.

4. Songs like Pinjara and Meet are melodious and blend perfectly in the background.


Things that I thought could have been better:

1. The story and screen play is a weak point.

2. Second half is sloppy and if you are not a Kangana fan, you would feel difficult to sit through.

3. Personally I felt, Kangana’s love interest could have been a better looking actor. Sorry!


My rating is as follows:

Overall movie: 3.5 stars

Kangana’s acting: 5 stars